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Meal Batch Prepping Basics

Updated: Jan 9, 2022 great it would be if we could have a home cooked meal every day! Well, it certainly requires some work but it does not have to be complicated, so I am here to make it easy and break it down for you. Every weekend, prep one or two items from each of the following categories. Then throughout the week, you can build meals with these components and a few additional ingredients. This means less work without boring leftovers! Yes or yes?!

Batch prepping basics

  • roasted veggies - any combination of carrots, potatoes, beets, sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, cabbage, onions, asparagus, etc cubed; drizzle with coconut or olive oil, sprinkle with salt/pepper/herbs, roast on sheet pan at 400F until soft and golden brown

  • dice/cube veggies for quick omelettes or skillets throughout week, store in resealable bag(s)

  • cut veggies to eat raw with hummus or guacamole, store in container with water to keep crisp

  • roast whole chicken or several pieces of chicken (inside to 165F)

  • brown ground beef/chicken/turkey with chopped celery and onions, salt + pepper (brown in kettle with lid to keep it from drying out, you can always drain at the end if preferred)

  • make meat patties with ground beef/chicken/turkey and herb/spices, and salt/pepper (freeze and pop out to cook individually)

  • prep chicken or egg salad

  • make meatloaf or meatballs - mix ground meat with egg (or ground flax), oatmeal or grated veggies, herbs/spices, salt/pepper and bake (this is a great way to stretch your meat, which can get spendy)

Whole Food Carbs
  • whole grains - soak/cook several servings of rice, quinoa, or whole grain

  • beans/lentils - soak/cook beans or lentils (or use canned)

  • potatoes or sweet potatoes - bake whole (just poke a few holes in the skin with fork) or cube + roast on sheet pan

  • guacamole

  • hummus

  • overnight oats

  • chia seed pudding

  • energy balls

  • chocolate avocado pudding

  • cold salad

  • homemade broth or sauerkraut


Hi, I’m Ekat, an integrative nutrition health coach and and a bio-individual health activist who believes in the power of food and lifestyle changes to help you find your way your vibrant health and achieve optimal wellness! I created Healthfully Ekat as a platform to help you find, restore and maintain your own bio-individual healthful balance. Learn more

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