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What does it look like to work with me?


Nutritional Therapy is unique compared to many other modalities in that it is not a quick fix, but rather requires both a commitment and an investment on your side. Just as your body did not get out of balance overnight, we won't be able to bring it back into balance in a day. My signature wellness programs are designed to help you deep-dive your symptoms, create a roadmap for your unique needs and guide you to achieve optimal vibrant wellness as you ultimately become autonomous in your own health journey moving forward.

Here’s how my Individualized Wellness Program breaks down, step-by-step:

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First we’re going to do several comprehensive assessments to help us uncover any deficiencies that may be contributing to your health challenges which includes:

a. Highly informative & transformative functional tests:

b. An in-depth review of your health history and bio-individual nutritional deficiencies


c. 3-day food and mood journal analysis – we’ll work on putting many puzzle pieces together by looking at your daily patterns and examining your nutrition, hydration, sleep, movement habits and energy levels.

d. A comprehensive symptom nutritional assessment questionnaire (NAQ), a unique-to-Nutritional Therapy tool, that allows me to uncover the root causes of your most prevalent symptoms. Includes a graphic overview of your overall health called The Symptom Burden Graph, click on the submenus below to see progress made with a client over the span of several months of working with me.



  • What makes you different than other holistic practitioners?
    Having been extremely tired and burned out for many years from the ‘chronic toxic lifestyle’ as I call it, I totally get what you’re going through. I’ve been through some serious hell healthwise and back. I understand what burn out and hopelessness feels like, but I also understand what regaining vibrant health feels like too! I put my heart and soul into supporting you every step of the way. By listening to your every concern, I tailor an action plan that is specific to your unique needs because I truly believe we all can reclaim our health and thus live a fulfilling life during and beyond the work hours!
  • Is Nutritional Therapy for anyone or do I need to have a pre-existing condition?
    Nutritional Therapy is for anyone looking to improve their health and wellbeing. There is no concern too small or too big that should not or cannot be addressed. We all can make some improvements in our wellbeing to truly thrive in our daily lives!
  • Are the appointments in person? Do you see clients only in the US?
    My practice is 100% virtual and I see clients from all over the world as long as we align schedules and timezones.
  • How many appointments do I need?
    My goal is to support you where you are at and guide you to where you want to go in your wellness journey. Everyone comes with different needs so that will largely depend on how much support your body needs to restore its vibrancy. While we take a highly personalized approach with every client, as a general guideline, to get your health on track, at a minimum, you will generally need about 5 appointments.
  • Do I have to do a discovery call first before signing up for a program?
    It's a win-win! Discovery calls are an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to share more with me about your health concerns and where you would like us to go in your health journey. It is also your opportunity to ask me questions, hash out any concerns and find out more details about what our work together will look like.
  • What happens after my 12 week program ends?
    You have the option to continue our work together by signing up for another 12 week program or by enrolling in my monthly maintenance program. We will continue your wellness journey from where you left it at and keep up with the progress.
  • Does insurance cover my appointments?
    At this time, Nutritional Therapy & Health Coaching are modalities which are not covered by health insurance.
  • Are you going to make me follow a meal/diet plan?
    No, I find the best approach is that we work together in teaching you to listen to your body's needs and educate you on what foods serve your body best to optimize healing. I can always offer meal suggestions but there is no rigid meal plan you should be following.
  • Do I have to give up certain foods and drinks?
    The ultimate foundations of vibrant health are deeply rooted in a diet rich in nutrient-dense, properly prepared whole foods which support the body’s physiological functions. However, depending on what your body's need are, we will work together to examine if there are any foods/drinks that are causing inflammation or undesired reactions in order to determine what supports your healing journey best.
  • Do I have to take supplements? If so, can I buy supplements anywhere?
    While our goal is to get most of your nutrients from nutrient-dense properly prepared wholefoods, sometimes consuming wholesome foods alone is not enough in which case we use targeted supplementation. The supplements used in the wellness program are specialized professional grade supplements whose strength differs significantly and in order to ensure highest quality and integrity, it is advisable clients only purchase those from authorized vendors. You can find all the supplement dispensaries listed in the Wellness Shop (insert link) section of the website. . If you are already taking some supplements, please bring them with you at our first appointment so we can discuss them.

Note: Your bio-individual results will vary based on your  original symptom presentation, the length of your program, how much overall support your body needs and your commitment to action!


Next, we’ll create a personalized plan for addressing any imbalances and supporting you in achieving your health goals through:

a.  A 75-minute initial assessment call - this is where we'll create a wellness protocol together, clarify your top health goals, discuss any concerns and formulate your personalized journey to healing.

b.  A personalized plan of action — the main roadmap for our months together to get you to a place of vibrant health during and beyond the work hours!

c.  45-minute follow-up calls to check on your progress and provide any further guidance as well as messaging support through a secure client portal



Lastly, I’ll be your co-pilot during this wellness journey and support you in implementing your plan so that you can have a thriving career without having to sacrifice your health:

a.  We’ll address the root cause of your symptoms with targeted healing support, using bio-individual therapeutic foods, strategic lifestyle changes and targeted supplementation if necessary

b.  Together, we will upgrade your nutrition knowledge by teaching you how to simplify food choices, use real food as medicine, fuel your body with the right nutrients and develop lifelong habits that will set you up for success to feel your best self for the long-term

c.  We’ll look through many educational guides, handouts and effective tips & tricks centered around NTP's 6 foundations of health for supporting your unique body’s innate wisdom and ability to heal itself

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